Our Rich History

An authentic Greek taverna

The Columbia, situated on the corner of Crown & Apsley Road in Great Yarmouth, still retains its original name although today it’s also known as Toni Poni’s Taverna.

Originally, the building, having been a pub since 1906, has been altered and improved internally to change it from a pub to a Taverna as it remains today.

Tony & Anna Papageorgiou first rented The Columbia from Whitbread Brewery in 1984. Due to customer & popular demand, in 1994, the break was made away from being a pub / restaurant to becoming a Taverna.

To this day, the Columbia Taverna is famously known for its unique chargrilled steaks, chicken Piri-Piri, homemade Kleftiko, Moussaka and taramasalata.

Columbia really does have a real feel of a greek taverna on holiday.